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Office Hot Shot

Office Hot Shot is two applications in one!

1) it is a locking application; use it as a lock screen for your BlackBerry.
2) it is a fun and addictive paper toss game!

When used as a lock application, the Office Hot Shot screen will display when any of the user configurable lock conditions are met. For example, you could configure it so the lock screen displays everytime the backlight times out, keeping prying eyes from seeing what's on your device.

Touchscreen users could set Office Hot Shot to launch when connecting on a phone call, keeping your device safe from accidental touches from your cheek during a call.

Once activated, Office Hot Shot displays on your device, letting you see in a glance useful information, such as the day, date, time, unread emails, missed calls, battery level, and more!

To unlock the Storm, simply drag the ball of paper to the trashcan.


  • Use as a locking app, or use just for the game, or both!
  • Master switch to enable/disable locking functionality.
  • Lock your BlackBerry on some, all, or none of the following conditions:
    • When your phone connects. This is useful on a touchscreen device so weird stuff doesn't happen from pressing your cheek against the screen.
    • When your phone disconnects.
    • When you holster your BlackBerry.
    • When you are charging your device.
    • After the backlight dims.
    • When you press the lock button (only available on some devices).
    • On power up.
  • Optional password to unlock your BlackBerry.
  • Optional password reminder, in case you forget your unlock password.
  • Available for both touchscreen and trackball/trackpad devices.
  • Designed for minimal impact on battery life.
  • When locked or when playing the game, the screen displays the following information
    • While displaying the lock screen on a phone call, the desk phone shows the elapsed call time.
    • Desk calendar displays today's date, day of the week, and month.
    • Desk computer shows number of unread messages on the BlackBerry.
    • Desk clock shows time in 12 or 24 hour format.
    • Desk phone shows number of missed calls.
    • Water level in the cooler shows the battery level.
    • While charging, bubbles appear in the water cooler.
    • Press "B" or touch the cooler to display the remaing battery percent.
    • The plant gets healthier as the signal strength grows...5 bars equals 5 flowers.
    • Press "S" or touch the plant to show how many bars of signal are available.
  • Works in landscape or portrait mode.


Game Mode on a Trackball Device...time the arrow and press the trackball to launch the ball of paper.


  • BlackBerry OS 4.6 or newer
  • Screen resolution 480x360
  • BlackBerry 95xx, Storm, Storm 2, 89xx, 96xx, 97xx
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