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Manifest Destiny. It has always been humankind's destiny to explore. To expand and spread and thrive. But humans were too successful, and as populations grew, once plentiful resources became scarce. Riots, skirmishes, and wars spread across the planet.

As the land burned and the seas boiled, humans began to look outward toward the solar system and beyond. A new hope emerged as habitable planets were found in nearby star systems. Waves of colonists leapt at the chance to make the decades-long journey. Leaving behind a world shattered by war, they pledged to live peacefully in humankind's new beginning.

But war was not exclusive to humans. Other races, now long extinct, once fought over the very same planets now being settled. Their machines of war, drones built to operate independently, lay dormant and forgotten under the sands of time. With the arrival of humans, so came the vibrations of construction, of drilling, of transport. And with those first footfalls of humanity, the machines emerged from their long slumber. Their sole purpose, not forgotten after millennia of sleep, remained unchanged. Protect the planet. Destroy all invaders.

And so the machines came...

Follow us on Twitter for news about our latest releases, sales, and updates.